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Overtime Work is About More than Higher Pay Rates

It may seem like overtime issues never cease... if it isn't one thing, it's another. But with money, productivity and safety at stake, it's too important to just wing it. That's why — aside from the obvious issues of when to pay time-and-a-half, when to pay double time, and who qualifies for the higher rates — [...]

Should Your Company Offer Paid Parental Leave?

Organizations that advocate for paid parental leave recognize that for most employers, the decision of whether to offer that benefit will be rooted in economics. In a competitive environment, it's a rare employer that can afford to add to personnel costs without a bottom line-based rationale. The motivation of employers in California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, [...]

Prepare: E-Verify May Soon Become Mandatory

With so much focus in Washington on stemming illegal immigration and the erosion of job opportunities for U.S. citizens, chances appear better than ever that the E-Verify system will become mandatory. President Trump's 2018 budget proposal includes funds to upgrade the system so that it can handle greater capacity, that is, if Congress authorizes requiring [...]

Can an Employer Discipline Safety Violators?

Q. I have employees who are literally accidents waiting to happen because they never seem to think before they take action. We have way too many Workers' Comp claims. However, our foremen and supervisors don't seem to be able to solve this problem. Can we discipline -- or even terminate -- employees for "no brainer" [...]

IRS Explains the Differences between Tips and Service Charges

Employers in the restaurant, hotel, casino and other service industries must comply with laws associated with tips, including the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Internal Revenue Code. To assist them, the IRS issued Fact Sheet 2017-8 that explains the differences between tips and service charges for tax purposes. Are the Payments Discretionary? The IRS [...]

Cougar 100

We are pleased and honored to announce that for the 3rd consecutive year HR&P has been recognized by the University of Houston as one of the fastest-growing Cougar Alumni Owned or Operated businesses. Recently at the 2016 Cougar 100 Awards Luncheon, Mike Holley ’90, and HR&P were celebrated for the company’s continued growth and leadership [...]

Low Cost Recognition for Employees

Employees respond positively to positive recognition. Assuming that statement is true, a question follows: Does positive recognition to employees have to cost a lot of money? Debra Sikanas, an expert in the field of employee recognition, answered that question by first drawing a distinction between "reward" and "recognition." "Rewards are higher-priced incentives such as money [...]

How to Scale Your HR Operations to Meet the Needs of Your Growing Business

Imagine you’re a business owner that matches aspiring homeowners with all the various services they’ll need to buy a house—from mortgage brokers to lawyers to inspectors. You even find contractors for various home improvement projects once your clients move in. When you first opened for business, the housing market was just recovering from the great [...]

EEOC Prioritizes Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims

Every year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) releases detailed data on the number of discrimination cases received and the disposition of those cases. For the first time, in a recent release of stats from its 2016 fiscal year, it included LGBT-based sex discrimination charges in a data summary. This follows on the heels of [...]

Revised OSHA Regs Have Kicked In

The first part of the new OSHA "illness and injury" reporting regulations is straightforward enough. It states that those who are already required to file these reports must now submit the forms electronically, via a secure OSHA website. Companies not currently required to file injury and illness reports aren't affected by the new rules. Electronic reporting, [...]