ACA Support

Does my company need ACA Support?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has become one of the most sweeping and complicated pieces of legislation in our nation’s history, employers find themselves struggling to meet the mandates. Many have turned to a variety of resources and tools for assistance, and most have been disappointed with their results. This leaves companies on their own to build sophisticated models and make complicated decisions to track their employees. HR&P eliminates the ACA anxiety and frustration by providing full-service ACA Consulting. Clients have dedicated ACA Specialists to guide them through the complexities of their employer responsibilities, employee tracking, and reporting requirements.

ACA Support Services

These resources are available through any of our service models, but are not delivered as a standalone offering.

Employer Shared Responsibility

  • Educate clients on Controlled Groups
  • Assist in calculating the clients’ FTEs to determine whether they are over 50.
  • Assist client/agent in determining affordability and minimum essential value for each employee.
  • Provide customized reports identifying variable hour employees and measuring them using the look back, administrative, and stability period – see if they avg. 30+ hours during the look back period.
  • Provide available coverage information to all eligible employees
  • Document administration and tracking of enrollment forms, acknowledgment forms and waivers.
  • Identify potential penalties under the pay or play provision

W-2 & Tax Reporting Requirements

  • Track and include the value of group health coverage provided to employees showing the total costs for both employee and employer
  • Provide information to Client to meet the 6055 and 6056 tax reporting requirements
  • Identify appropriate forms which need to be completed, filed and/or distributed
  • Complete and distribute all 1095C Forms to all applicable employees
  • All applicable ALE’s – Employers 50+ FTE’s
  • Assist with requirements for self-insured plans
  • Assist with the completion of the 1094C Form

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