Professional Employer Organization

What is a PEO ?

In this comprehensive, outsourced, co-employment model, HR&P serves as the employer of record, provides workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment liability and claims processing and shared responsibility on various compliance obligations. Services include payroll fulfillment and tax compliance, benefits administration, and human resource support and counsel.

How does an ASO differ from a PEO?

Both a PEO and an Administrative Services Organization (ASO) provide HR resources to businesses. A PEO model establishes a co-employment relationship, where HR&P becomes the employer of record. In an ASO, your business retains employer of record status, and HR&P manages the administrative responsibilities on your behalf. In both models, HR&P allows the employer to control their employee benefits offering, and respects their existing benefit broker relationship.

PEO Services

Payroll Services

Maintain control and visibility of your operation, while saving time & money, & mitigating your risks. Leverage HR&P’s expertise and technology to focus on growing your business.

Benefits Administration

Eliminate the tactical transactions of enrollments, terminations and carrier management. HR&P provides comprehensive benefits administration with guaranteed accuracy.

HR Management

The regulatory environment is constantly changing. Our staff provides the expertise you need to stay ahead of the curve, while ensuring your organization remains compliant.

Which service model is the best solution?

Let’s review your specific circumstances and discuss your organizational goals to determine the best fit and customize a solution for your company.