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How to Grow Your Business with a PEO

“[PEOs] now provide…services to about 180,000 companies that collectively employ more than 3 million workers and generate $156 billion in annual revenues.” ( Does your business manage all HR and benefits administration responsibilities in-house? It might be time to look into partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). A PEO provides an outsourced solution to manage your human resources, administer employee benefits, regulatory compliance, and payroll. PEOs work through a co-employment arrangement, contractually sharing certain employer responsibilities with your company. Determining if a PEO is right for your business will require doing some homework—researching providers, [...]

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4 HR Risks Your Company May Face This Month

“Action and adaptability create opportunity.” —Garrison Wynn Did you know? The U.S. Dept of Labor is currently asking for public comment on potential changes to the overtime rule to determine which employees are exempt from minimum wage and overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? (SHRM) A revised version of form I-9, employment eligibility verification, is now available. As of Sept. 18, this version will be the only one the government will accept. (S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) A vote to pass a scaled-back overhaul of the Affordable Care Act (dubbed a “skinny [...]

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How to Scale Your HR Operations to Meet the Needs of Your Growing Business

Imagine you’re a business owner that matches aspiring homeowners with all the various services they’ll need to buy a house—from mortgage brokers to lawyers to inspectors. You even find contractors for various home improvement projects once your clients move in. When you first opened for business, the housing market was just recovering from the great recession. Your company had only a few employees and, like most small businesses, you wore many hats. You managed all the HR functions like recruiting, onboarding, payroll and benefits administration. Fast forward to the present day. The housing market is [...]

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Could HR and benefits administration headaches be holding your business back? Learn how successful companies navigate HR operations in today’s uncertain business environment.