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Nine Ways to Avoid Wrongful Discharge

An ex-employee's wrongful discharge action against an employer is more likely today. That's because laws and court decisions, protecting employees and expanding on employees' rights, have increased. So, what are the employer, manager and supervisor to do? Begin by understanding the concept of wrongful discharge. Wrongful, as in illegal and unfair. And discharge, as in termination. So the ex-employee, in filing a legal action against an employer and claiming wrongful discharge is asserting the termination violates a legal right or a legal protection, or violates an employer's promise or commitment, or violates the unwritten provision [...]

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IRS Explains the Differences Between Tips and Service Charges

Employers in the restaurant, hotel, casino and other service industries must comply with laws associated with tips, including the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Internal Revenue Code. To assist them, the IRS issued Fact Sheet 2017-8 that explains the differences between tips and service charges for tax purposes. Are the Payments Discretionary? The IRS emphasizes that tips are discretionary (optional or extra) payments determined by a customer that employees receive from customers. Tips include: Cash tips received directly from customers, Tips from customers who leave a tip through electronic settlement or payment (this includes [...]

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Can Employees ‘Snoop’ in Their Files?

Let's say tomorrow, one of your employees asks to see his or her personnel file. Do you know today whether you would answer "yes" or "no" to this request? Does the employee have a legal right to see the file? What information -- if any -- can you rightfully keep from him or her? Can the employee take the file from your offices? You need answers to these questions. Without them, you'll fumble with your pen and stumble with your words while the employee patiently awaits an answer. The facts: Most state "Right-to-Know" laws require [...]

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Absorbing a Business? Realize Payroll Tax Savings

Suppose that your growing business is taking over one of your competitors. If you keep some of the company's employees on the job, your business will be increasing its payroll tax liability. However, the good news is that payroll taxes paid by the former employer may reduce the amount owed for the year. Conversely if one employer acquires another employer during the year -- and it continues to employ some of the same workers -- the successor can count the wages paid by the predecessor towards its own Social Security wage base. Background: If an employee works for two [...]

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What If an Employee Is Injured Too Often?

Q. I have a fairly good 48-year-old employee who has a chronic problem with Workers' Comp claims. This individual is constantly getting injured and missing a lot of work because of these injuries. I am afraid he is building up to a permanent disability claim. Can I legally terminate him? A. Dismissing an employee for filing Workers' Comp claims is a violation of public policy. Courts have established and upheld state statutes protecting employees from being dismissed from their jobs for filing Workers' Comp claims. In addition, your employee may very well be protected from [...]

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Using Artificial Intelligence in the Business World

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses across almost every sector find themselves entering uncharted territory. While still in its infancy, AI offers the potential to transform virtually every aspect of how companies operate. Brave New World AI is expected to increase revenue and profits, lower costs, drive improvements in customer service and assist in the creation of innovative new products and services. In fact, a recent survey estimates that AI will contribute roughly $15.3 trillion to the economy by 2030. The effects of AI and its close cousin, machine learning (ML), will ripple [...]

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